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The Chosen Slain

The Chosen Slain Painting image

The Chosen Slain by Ulf (2021)
after Konrad Dielitz (19??)

In Norse mythology the Valkyries are often conceived of as being the handmaidens of Odin – Hence they are sometimes called Óðinn's meyar, that is: 'Odin’s girls'. The title of Valkyrie in Old Norse – Valkryja, plural. Valkyrjur – literally means 'Chooser of the Slain'; To choose the fallen warriors who were deemed worthy of the warrior’s paradise – Valhalla – such is the primary task of the Valkyries. In Valhalla these chosen warriors, the Einherjar, sit in the company of the Allfather and are served mead by the strong and beautiful Valkyries.
A work titled 'The Chosen Slain' appears in a book titled 'Myths of the Norsemen: from the Eddas and Sagas' by H.A. Guerber (published in 1909) – The painting was attributed to a 'K. Dielitz'. Who is now believed to be the German artist Konrad Dielitz; Unfortunately, however, this small black and white photo in a book is the only reference that survives of the original work, which is believed to have been destroyed in the Allied bombing of Germany.
Thankfully, this monumental work has now been painstakingly recreated by the masterful hand of Ulf to capture what the original composition might have felt like in full color – One can almost hear Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries while admiring this truly inspiring work of art!

The Chosen Slain by K. Dieltiz

'The Chosen Slain', illustration from an early printing of 'Myths of the Norsemen'
Credited to 'K. Dielitz