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She Weeps for the Damned

She Weeps for the Damned Painting image

She Weeps for the Damned
by Ulf (2021)

In the Odinic belief system each soul is accompanied throughout life by a sort of guardian spirit known as the Fylgia or "fetch" - usually conceived of in the form of a woman or an animal - she gives good wise counsel, but alas, many do not listen...
It is said that those "Níðingr" or "criminals" who transgress sacred laws will find themselves upon death in Niflhel - a dark, sun-less realm of mist and shadows, where the damned must meet their terrible wyrd ("fate" or "destiny") by suffering other-worldly torments at the hands of the demons and monsters that dwell in this underworld.
Depicted here, in this beautifully haunting piece by ULF, the fylgja stands at the gates of Niflhel - known as the Nágrindr or "corpse gates": As the guardian soul of the European Folk collectively (i.e. Kynsfylgja or kin-fetch) she weeps for the damned, those who have abandoned and betrayed their people - she weeps for the fate they must suffer alone...for she can accompany them no further...