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Thor's Battle Against the Jotnar

Thor's Battle Against the Jotnar Painting image

Thor's Battle Against the Jotnar
by Ulf (2021)

Lightning bolts from Thor's Hammer and flashes across the darkened sky A clan of Evil Giants (Jötnar) are about to meet their Fate... This pulse-pounding work of Art by Ulf is a dynamic remake of the classic 1872 painting by Swedish National Romanticist Mårten Eskil Winge - as seen below for comparison:

Thor's Fight with the Giants Mårten Eskil Winge (1872)

Thor's Fight with the Giants
Mårten Eskil Winge (1872)

The Sonnenrad, or 'Sunwheel' - more commonly known as the Swastika - is the Ancient sign of Thor. The Sonnenrad can be seen depicted on Thor's belt in Mårten Winge's painting from 1872: It should be observed that the symbol appears in the exact same orientation as the NSDAP's later usage in Germany Given the age of this painting, this is clear visual proof that Hitler did not 'reverse' or 'invert' the Swastika as many try to claim, but rather he used it in its' proper Germanic form. In this remake of 'Thor's Battle Against the Jötnar', Ulf places the Symbol of Thor boldly and prominently in the center of the Thunder God's Belt of Strength.

Printmakers who sell copies of the classic original Winge painting are forced to make smaller sized reproductions as they only have access to lower resolution museum photos of the painting At Grotti Mill Productions we are proud to offer prints of this improved remake in the impressive overall size of 28" x 40" (24" x 36" image size) - it is a picture that will Dominate any room and fill it with the Power of Thor!

Belt Comparison image

Close-up comparison of the belt from each painting.