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Balestrand: On the Fjord

Balestrand: On the Fjord Painting image

Balestrand: On the Fjord
by Ulf (2019)

Believed to be the home of the Norwegian hero, Frithjof the Bold, the protagonist of the fourtenth century Icelandic saga Friðþjófs Saga Hins Frœkna. Balestrand (BaBeach) in Norway, is a land of high mountains, deep fjords, and lush forests... It is here that Kaiser Vilheim the second, the last German emperor and king of Prussia, oftvacationed between the years 1889-1914. He loved this land so much that in 1912 he wished to show his honor "to the hospitality of this Germanic people..." by donating a statue Frithjof the Bold to a small village close to Balestrond called Vangsnes. A year later he donated to Balestrond a statue of King Bele (The king of Friðþjófs Saga Hins Frœkni).

This photorealistic painting by Ulf offers a breathtaking view of the Fjord in Balestrand. A beautiful land, rich in history, that has inspired artists of the past and it sticontinues to inspire today...