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Allfather Odin

Allfather Odin painting image

Allfather Odin
by Ulf (2019)

From the masterful hand of our premier artist, Ulf, comes a powerful image of the Allfather.

Known as Óðinn in old Norse, Woden in old Saxon, and Wotan in old German - The God of the Vikings, who many of us know simply as Odin, is the chief of the Aesir and the most versatile of all the Gods in the Norse Pantheon — A God of as many names as attributes too numerous to recite them all: As Allfather he is the God of creation — 'Hroptatýr' — God of Gods; As 'Bölverkr', He secures the Skaldic mead and becomes God of poetry; As 'Valföðr', He is the God of the slain; As 'Sigtýr', The God of War and Victory; He roams Midgard disguised as a sorceror named Grimnir — "The Masked One"; He sacrificed an eye for wisdom — Earning himself the nickname, "Blindi" — and he sacrificed himself on the World Tree in order to give us the Runes; He is "Fimbultyr" — The great God — and his name means 'The Inspiring"; He is the Folk spirit personified: Strong, Noble, Creative and Intelligent — and he gave our Folk HIS breath — The önd.

Depicted here in astonishing detail, Odin sits on his throne with his spear, Gungnir, in one hand, and a horn of the precious mead, Óðrerir, in the other. Accompanied by his ravens, Huginn and Muninn, and his wolves, Geri and Freki. The one-eyed God's gaze beckons our Folk to reach our destiny and ever higher realms of greatness. This modern day masterpiece by Ulf, is sure to become a mainstay in Odinic imagery and set the standard in Vinlandic art for years to come.