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Thor: Lord of Thunder

Thor: Lord of Thunder Painting image

Thor: Lord of Thunder
by Ulf (2020)

The Germanic God of Thunder, the strongest of Aesir — Odin's son — The protector of Asgard. The name Thor (Þórr in Old Norse, Donar in German) literally means "thunder". Thursday is also named after Thor.

In this powerful composition by Ulf, the Nordic thunder God's wagon blazes across the sky, pulled by his great and powerful goats, Tanngrisnir ("Tooth-grinder") and Tanngnjóstr ("Tooth-gnasher"). The redbearded God's fiery nature is revelaed as he lifts his hammer to the sky and calls down lightning. Just as the hammer (Mjölnir — "Crusher") is a tools of creation as well as destruction, so is Thor's divine function: A God of War as well as a God of fertility — Called on by warriors for strength and by farmers alike, for a good harvest - He is the God of the common Folk.

The Swastika, proudly displayed on his hammer and wagon, is Thor's sign — Also called a 'fylfot' or 'sonnennrad' — "Sunwheel" — It is the symbol of the Sun and of power. Some believe that the Swastika is a respresentation of Thor's hammer as it is twirling through the sky. Ulf has created a piece that manages to be as strikingly beautiful as it is powerful — and one that truly does this great Germanic God justice. This will surely be a Folk favorite for years to come and it is only available at Grotti Mill Productions.